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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI- July 9, 2018 by eBotixTech

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI was initially planned as an add-in for the Microsoft ecosystem, but it has now evolved into a more fully functional product that sits at the top of the self-service BI market. Self-service business intelligence (BI) tool Microsoft Power BI has proven to be a solid business intelligence platform that already has a large following and support ecosystem.

Overview of Microsoft Power BI Benefits

Power BI collects and stores all your on-premise and cloud information in single, more centralized location that you can access whenever and wherever as required. You can also leverage pre-packaged content packs and built-in connectors to streamline the importation of your data from solutions such as Marketo, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and many more.

Power BI turns anyone into a master of disseminating information the easiest way with its stunning visualizations and interactive dashboards that provide a consolidated live view of your enterprise and its performance. For the analyst at heart, Power BI Desktop delivers a free-form canvas for drag-and-drop data navigation and a very extensive library of interactive visualizations, simple report creation, and fast publishing to the Power BI service. Since Microsoft Power BI is a part of Microsoft’s suite of business products, it offers users tight integration with its other popular and widely used Microsoft business tools like Microsoft Excel, Azure, and SQL Server.

With Microsoft Power BI, users are empowered by data, not overwhelmed by it. The system makes interaction with your data fast and quick, thanks to the use of the simple yet effective drag-and-drop gestures to identify trends and natural language queries to get lightning-fast answers.

Power BI allows you to share dashboards and reports with the right people wherever you go. The system also provides you with the flexibility as it operates compatibly with the leading operating systems – Windows, iOS, and Android. Alerts will notify you about any updates or changes in your data so you can immediately work with your team to take immediate action.

Overview of Microsoft Power BI Features
  • Datasets
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Navigation Pane
  • Q&A Question Box
  • Help and Feedback Buttons
  • Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Trend Indicators
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • View rich graphical visualizations from complex BI data
  • Full suite of BI tools for data visualization and reporting
  • Author rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop
How Much Does Microsoft Power BI Cost?

Power BI – Free

  • 1GB Data Capacity Limit
  • Create, View, and Share Personal Dashboards and Reports
  • Author Content
  • Data Exploration
  • Native Apps for iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Consume curated content packs for services like Dynamics, Salesforce, and Google Analytics
  • Import data and reports from Excel, CSV and Power BI Desktop files
  • Publish to web

Power BI Pro – $9.99/user/month

  • All Power BI Features
  • Consume live data sources with full interactivity
  • Access on-premises data using the Data Connectivity Gateways (Personal and Data Management)
  • Collaborate with your team using Office 365 Groups in Power BI
  • Create, publish and view organizational content packs
  • Manage access control and sharing through Active Directory groups
  • Shared data queries through the Data Catalog


  • On Premise
  • Cloud Hosted

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